Pumped! The Inside Podcast by Schwalbe

Pumped! The Inside Podcast by Schwalbe

The Inside Podcast by Schwalbe

Episode 53 (ENG) - John Fernandes, the founder of Freeride Madeira

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In 2011 John and two friends saw the potential of their home island Madeira and decided to found Freeride Madeira, a guiding company specialized on Enduro MTB Trips. Since then, they keep on growing and became one of the best places for mountainbiking in Europe.

We spoke to John about the development of Freeride Madeira, trail advocacy and how pro rider helped to spread the good word.

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PUMPED! the inside podcast by Schwalbe delivers first hand insights in the daily life of our athletes and close friends of the Schwalbe brand. Every week our host Tobias Woggon provides one episode in English and one in German, featuring personal conversations with some of the biggest names in cycling. Follow us to get the in-depth view in the daily life of your favorite Mountainbike World Champions, Ironman Heroes and Cycling Traveller.

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